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25 Most Scariest Places on Earth

by Julien Oppenheim


SPOTLIGHT: Beautiful Flowering Time-Lapse Gifs by Yutaka Kitamura

The above animations are from a beautiful series of time-lapse videos of different species of flowers in growth by Yutaka Kitamura titled Touched by Strangers

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I can’t drown my demons…

                they know how to swim.

If school has ever made you feel like a failure, depressed, suicidal, have anxiety, lose sleep, or just cause OVER ALL STRESS IN GENERAL, please reblog or like. I’m doing a research paper on education. BUT I NEED AS MANY AS I CAN GET BC THIS IS DUE FRIDAY.


Also, if you want, send me asks on what caused it, I’m not asking for a story ( u may write one if you wish, but for those who don’t want to just put what caused it, whether its deadlines, homework, people in school, teachers, projects, tests, etc.) It’d mean alot

*edit*: Also, if you feel like you’re a disappointment/failure to your parents, or if you parents pressure you with school.


The Sun & Moon

Death and The Maiden


Death and The Maiden